inessential by Brent Simmons


I’ve been thinking about advertising recently. So when PerversionTracker, one of my favorite sites, posted their advertising offer, I jumped on it.

If you look at the bottom of the review for Xupport 1.2.7, you’ll see a little text ad for NetNewsWire. I tried to come up with a slogan that would fit in with the site.

NetNewsWire: It’s Not Metal™

So, anyway, I was wondering about how advertising is changing in the weblog age.

One thing that’s important to me is that ads should be clearly marked as ads. (And my ad on PerversionTracker is clearly marked.)

But what do you think of the whole topic?

When a software vendor has a little extra money to spend on advertising, what’s cool to do and what’s not cool to do?

Is it a good idea for software vendors to spend at least a little money on the weblogs and news sites in their ecosystem?

I’m not about to go on a spending spree. But it’s not too early to start thinking about these things.