inessential by Brent Simmons


I was recently going through the office closet and dealing with old hard drives. I found some weird old graphics from like 1996.

I don’t know what InnerWeb was supposed to be—but it’s a tracing of my head.

A friend of mine was working on starting an Internet café, and this was part of some website graphics we were working on. (The café didn’t happen.)

We were working on a product named Scramble at some point. It didn’t ship. I don’t remember what it was going to be.

Here’s a metal thing. I think it’s a piece from a lighter. I have no idea what the point is here.

Need a searchlight?

Here’s an old-fashioned Home button.

Here’s a six-shooter. To be used on only the nastiest of bugs.

Here’s a weird 3D thing.

Here’s a colorful engine.