inessential by Brent Simmons

Greatest hits

Now and again, when I have time, I like to write little funny stories. I don’t actually have time to write one right now, but I figured I’d point to a few of them, in case you’re relatively new to my weblog and may have missed them.

Here’s one, probably the most popular, on doing bong hits with Bill Gates.

My personal favorite is on how it’s so hard to teach squirrels to play baseball.

Here’s my BBEdit song.

Here’s one on the inherent evil of that Three Dog Night song Joy to the World.

Then there’s my list of top ten really mean put-downs.

Though it’s not terrifically funny, I like it as a rant: how I don’t want wearable computers.

Here’s a post on how I like to say inappropriate things. I compare a part of my anatomy to a roll of duct tape.

Another personal favorite is Frank, a fable.