inessential by Brent Simmons

A few things...

The article in TidBITS on the NetNewsWire acquisition reminds me of one thing that perhaps hasn’t been explained properly: NewsGator purchased all of Ranchero Software’s software, including MarsEdit and the freeware apps.

We’re still deciding what to do with these and we’re listening to feedback. If you have ideas, please comment here or send me email.

I’ve also seen the sentiment expressed (though not in the TidBITS article) that NewsGator is some kind of big corporation. It’s a corporation, yes, but it’s actually still small—about 40 people, which isn’t close to the number of employees in places like Google, Yahoo, and Apple. (How many people does Google hire in one day, I wonder.)

And folks at NewsGator—executives and investors included—have weblogs. Here are the ones I know about:

J.B. Holston
Greg Reinacker
Sandy Hamilton
Nick Bradbury
Brad Feld