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macsb list handed off to Gus Mueller

A couple years ago I had the idea for a mailing list for small, independent Macintosh software businesses. So I created a new list at Yahoo Groups and named it macsb. (Which is pronounced “max-bee,” by the way, even though it doesn’t make sense to pronounce it that way.)

The list has been a great resource for folks—it succeeded way beyond what I expected. It has over 700 members! And it’s often quite busy, and the discussions are great.

If you have a small Mac software business, or are considering starting one, I recommend subscribing.

Now that I no longer run such a small business, I decided to turn over ownership of the list to Gus Mueller, and Gus agreed.

I’m sure you know Gus—but, just in case you don’t, I’ll mention that Gus runs Flying Meat (Flying Meat is a reference to rock climbing), home of cool apps VoodooPad, FlySketch, and FlyGesture.

Thanks, Gus! I’m certain it’s in good hands and will remain a fantastic resource.

I’ll remain subscribed, since I do have some knowledge in this area and may have things to say from time to time. (Plus, it’s fun: I enjoy the discussions.) But Gus is your new Flying Meat Overlord.