inessential by Brent Simmons

June 2007


Happy iPhone’s Eve!

The Clichés are Having a Ball

Umberto Eco on Casablanca: “When the choice of the tried and true is limited, the result is a trite or mass-produced film, or simply kitsch. But when the tried and true repertoire is used wholesale, the result is an architecture like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. There is a sense of dizziness, a stroke of brilliance.”


Station in the Metro: “Im in ur thrd flr...”

CocoaHeads is Tonight

Theocacao: “CocoaHeads Silicon Valley will be meeting at the Apple Store in Downtown SF (Stockton street) tonight from 7pm to 9pm. The topic is ‘Going Indie,’ and we have a number of special guests. Daniel Jalkut, Gus Mueller, and Wil Shipley will be presenting, and Brent Simmons will join us for Q&A after.”

Buzz Andersen’s 4th Annual WWDC Party is tonight

Buzz’s party is tonight! Details are on (8 p.m., 111 Minna Gallery.)

NewsGator is sponsoring the tacos—Buzz lined up the El Tonayense taco truck. Yummy and free. ;)

Me on audio

I’ll be on Your Mac Life around 6:20 pm Pacific tonight.

Also, Leland Rucker at NewsGator did a short interview with me a few days ago.

Vlad Squirrel

Romanian Vampire Squirrel.

Now that the Dark Gift has been extended to animals, what’s next? Snakecat?

MacTech 25

The MacTech 25 for 2007 has been announced. I noticed that three of the 25 have worked on MarsEdit. (That’s me, Gus, and Daniel, who now owns MarsEdit.)

Congratulations to all who made the list! Even Paul. ;)

Not coordinated, nope

People have asked if Daniel Jalkut and I coordinated the simultaneous releases of MarsEdit 1.2 and NetNewsWire 3.0. We didn’t, even though we do often exchange email.

Sheila said to me that it must have made me feel good to see both apps come out on the same day, that I must feel like I did the right thing with MarsEdit. Yep—she’s absolutely right.