inessential by Brent Simmons

September 2007

What goes through my head as I watch a YouTube video

What goes through my head as I watch a YouTube video:

(Times are in seconds.)

0:00: Is it working?

0:01: It’s working. Whoever sent me this link should be happy I’m actually watching it.

0:02: Is it finished yet?

0:03: Oh, that’s funny.

0:04: Finished? No?

0:05: I can’t remember, do I still have roast beef?

0:06: Oh look, Twitterrific updates.

0:07: Is this thing still playing?

0:08: I think it’s spaghetti night.

0:09: This has gone on for hours and shows no sign of stopping.

0:10: The video is stuck. Oh, not stuck.

0:11: Stuck again. Now not.

0:12: Oh look it’s kitty. [Opens window.]

0:13: If I use a relevance ranking cell, would that be confusing, since it’s not search results?

0:14: Still playing?

0:15: Oh yeah, funny, whatever.

0:16: This has been the longest day of my life.

0:17: I’m stopping it early. [Closes the page.]