inessential by Brent Simmons

October 2007

Two birthdays

Happy Birthday to Manton Reece and Dan Benjamin!

APML and you

Nick Bradbury, FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and NewsGator Inbox to Support APML: “This means you’ll be able to share your attention data not only between our tools, but also with any service that supports APML. Our hope is that by supporting APML, more third parties will be convinced to support it.”

Thanks to Nick Harris and Nick Bradbury for looking into this. APML wasn’t on my radar, but I agree that a common format for attention data is a very good thing.

Apple web apps screenshot

It may be obvious—the screen shot for NewsGator Mobile on Apple’s new web apps pages comes from my own subscriptions list. A few of my favorites are shown, including the formidable I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?. ;)

I created the screenshot using iPhoney. Then I used a graphics app to remove the Aqua scroll bar, which would have obviously been out of place.

Fraser in the city

Fraser Speirs on a visit to London: “Please don’t walk like that. Please don’t ride your bike. Please don’t use those kids’ shoes with the wheels on them. Don’t skateboard. Don’t run.”

I have never understood the policing instinct.


Language Log: Teh Holiez Bibul: “In teh beginnin Invisible Man was invisible, and he maded the skiez and da earths, but he did not eated it.”

It just cracks me up.

Feeling The (MarsEdit) Love

Red Sweater Blog: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MarsEdit will make you a more prolific blogger. I’ve seen it time and time again. I think it reduces the psychological burden of blogging.”

This was, in fact, the main goal of the original design of MarsEdit—to take any anxiety away by making it feel like just writing an email. Here are my original (long-ish) notes on the MarsEdit user interface, from October 2004.

People sometimes ask me, “Are you happy with how it’s worked out for MarsEdit?”

The answer is: Yes! Daniel is doing great work, and I’m an enthusiastic MarsEdit 2.0 user. I’m looking forward to 3.0—it’s gonna be cool.