inessential by Brent Simmons

December 2007

Greg the Mac user

Greg Reinacker (NewsGator CTO and Founder): Using a Mac... why oh why?:

As some have noticed, and others have gloated about :-), I’ve been using a Mac (specifically a Macbook Pro) as my primary machine for about a month now. I’ve been a died-in-the-wool Windows guy every since Windows 3.0, and scoffed at all of the people playing with their silly Macs. Well, I guess they showed me, because now I’m using one. I’m even writing this post in MarsEdit.

Bill Bumgarner on ZoneMonitor

bbum on Using ZoneMonitor to Debug Garbage Collected Cocoa Applications: “ZoneMonitor is a tool for analyzing the heap of a garbage collected application. Think of it as a user interface for gdb’s info gc-roots / info gc-references commands.”