inessential by Brent Simmons

May 2008

Met Steve Jobs in dream

I dreamed I met Steve Jobs. I shook his hand — but he had had his right hand replaced by a small foot with small curly toes.

Though surprised, I shook it, and said, “Wow, how innovative!”

“Thanks, Brent,” he said, and smiled, graciously.

(Then something something, I forget, airplanes or alligators or something.)

‘On the ground’

“I was on the ground in Indianapolis...”

I love it when TV People — newscasters, analysts, politicians — say they were “on the ground” somewhere.

It’s a good and welcome reminder that they normally live in the clouds, in heaven, up with the angels. Not on the ground with us, where things are mysterious and messy.

Gosh they’re lucky. Good and lucky.

Visible Borders in Designs

Theocacao: Visible Borders in Designs: “Since each web site doesn’t come with a different physical frame like a book does, designers use borders to convince the reader that they don’t need to be constantly scanning for content areas.”

Scott’s site is, by the way, gorgeous and highly readable, and he makes excellent points.

b4 Vegas pictures

Sheila and I had a great time in Vegas last weekend!

Here are some pictures:





Update May 2: Pictures from Gus.

Update May 6: Pictures from Chris.

Update May 26: Pictures from Marcus.

Here’s me wearing beer goggles: