inessential by Brent Simmons

Practical WWDC tips

No time to write something long or organized this year. Quick notes, then.

Drink plenty of water. Make sure there’s plenty of water in your hotel room.

Try to avoid walking the streets at night alone. I wouldn’t say the streets are dangerous. But still.

Avoid the Tenderloin.

You are your fellow developers keeper. Be inclusive. Help anyone who needs help. Be that good person your grandmother imagines you are.

You’re here to learn and see cool things. Part of that is telling other people about the cool things you’ve seen. (Related: you’re not here to complain.)

Go to the ADA ceremony. When you don’t win (odds are you won’t win), remember that feeling. It’s useful year-round. But clap hard for the folks who do win — they worked hard and earned it, and they deserve your support. If you see them later, congratulate them.

Use your iPhone alarm and the hotel’s alarm clock, especially for Monday morning.

Make it drop-dead easy to plug your iPhone into power at night, so you don’t forget.

Put your hotel room number in your wallet.

Use Twitter for organizing and finding out what’s going on.

Remember to eat. Don’t worry about what you eat too much — you’ll go back to being virtuous when you get home. The important thing is to not skip meals: you’ll need the energy.

Remember to listen to music sometimes. You’ll need the energy from that, too.

You won’t be graded on your week — except by you.

The friends you make will mean more to you than the APIs you learn.

Guy English is there only to break your heart. (Total sadist, that guy. Delights in it. Whatareyagonnado.)