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Bjango Blog

I keep running across people and companies I didn’t know about, and thinking, “Wow, they’re good.” I like it even more when I also get to think, “…and they’re generous too.”

I just ran across Bjango a few minutes ago. They have some cool-looking apps for iPhone, iPad, and Macs. They also have a weblog with articles on the App Store and on design.

I love this article about roundrects in Photoshop — it doesn’t present one or two methods, it presents a bunch of them. Here’s another about noise and textures. Good stuff. I’ll catch up on the rest when I have some reading time (hopefully later tonight).

Maybe I should have known about Bjango, but I didn’t. That’s kind of my point — there are so many folks in the community these days doing good work that it’s easy not to know about cool stuff. That’s a good problem to have, way better than the opposite!

(If I had one complaint, it’s that I can’t find the people’s names anywhere on the website. I like to know names. Names are important.)