inessential by Brent Simmons

Glassboard released

You may remember that I started a new company. Now it’s a new company with a product: Glassboard.

It’s a free iPhone app, on the App Store now. There’s also an Android version and a Windows Phone version. (The Android version is by Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite, TopStyle, and FeedDemon.)

Glassboard is kind of like social networking, in that you share messages, comments, pictures, videos, and locations. The difference is that it’s completely private: what you share doesn’t end up appearing in Google searches.

You create a group (“boards,” the app calls them) and invite people. Only the people on a board can see what’s posted there. It’s like Vegas that way. (“What happens in Vegas…”)

And of course people can invite you to their boards, too.

Pretty simple idea, and you can imagine how it would be useful for anything from business deals to pictures of your kids. (Before you ask: we use SSL only, and data is encrypted in storage on the server. Our privacy policy goes into more detail.)

We started using it at work months ago, once we had just the bare basics working — and we haven’t looked back. It was obviously useful from day one. (And my email has gone way down, which is a nice side effect.)

Bonus: if you’re a developer, you should find Nick’s story on going from Delphi to Android interesting (even if you’re not an Android developer).

Also: if you check it out, and you’re not sure who to invite to a board, feel free to invite me using my company email. (First name plus company domain name.) Send me a picture of your cat or dog, or tell me a joke, or just say hi — whatever you feel like. :)