inessential by Brent Simmons

Glassboard Premium

It’s been hard to explain some of the text on the Glassboard home page:

Unlike Google, Facebook, and Twitter, we don’t mine your data to sell advertising. We don’t do ads.

You are our customer — not advertisers.

People would point out correctly that the app is free and we’re not asking for any money. How could we do that?

Well, our plan has been to introduce premium features, things that some people will want to pay for.

Today we did that.

The app is still free. To be useful to you, you need other people to use it with you, and so the app is free.

But we’ve added the first round of premium features — board export, board transfer, bookmarking, more storage, unlimited board creation — for people who need more. If you have a premium account, the app will notice and the new features will appear. (In iPhone, Android, and on the web.)

Here’s our blog post announcing Glassboard Premium.

Update 12:15 pm: Nick Bradbury talks about out his favorite new feature: bookmarks.