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Glassboard Seeks New Home

From the Glassboard blog:

We want Glassboard to not only continue running but also to evolve and flourish. So we’re looking for a good home for Glassboard. The backend service for Glassboard runs in Azure, and it has wonderful iOS and Android clients. It took a team of talented people to create it, so we want Glassboard to go somewhere that has enough resources.

There’s a bunch on the blog post that you can ignore. It’s stuff about NewsGator and Social Sites. Below the graphics you’ll find the meat.

I don’t have any business relationship with Glassboard (or with NewsGator or Sepia Labs), and so the only benefit I get from helping find Glassboard a new home is the selfish one: I use Glassboard every day and want to keep using it. (Q Branch uses it; my podcast uses it; my family uses it; the Seattle Xcoders group uses it.)

The problem of persistent, private, and trustworthy group sharing is still an open problem. Glassboard represents a couple years of work by a six-person team, and it’s a great start. I believe that it can be very successful, given the right home, given resources and commitment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Brian Kellner (whose email address is in the blog post linked-to above).