inessential by Brent Simmons

Bugs Filed

I filed some bug reports with Apple yesterday. Radars.

UITextView Bugs

I’ve mentioned before how much I love TextKit. I do. So so much. Crazy much.

I’ve also mentioned that UITextView in iOS 7 is really a 1.0 release, since it’s the first UITextView with TextKit, and so I’m not surprised there are bugs. I understand and forgive — but I’m still eager to see them fixed.

I filed three:

UITextView Doesn’t Scroll to Show Typing - rdar://15148548

In Vesper we work around this as well as we can, but it’s not perfect.

UITextView’s selectedRange Is Inaccurate when UIKeyboardWillShow​Notification Is Posted - rdar://15149060

I only care about this one because we work around the first bug by looking at selectedRange when the keyboard will be shown. Were the first bug fixed, I wouldn’t care about this.

UITextView Does Unwanted Scrolling When Editing at End of Text - rdar://15149399

Vesper users report this bug to us several times a day. What happens is that the text view may scroll unexpectedly when you’re editing a long note. I haven’t found a work-around for this yet.

I filed each of these with a sample project that demonstrates the bug. You can download all three projects in one file:

UI Feature Requests

The rest of my Radars filed yesterday were feature requests.

Would Like to Set Custom Font for UIAlertView Text - rdar://15145191

Would Like to Set Custom Font for UISearchBar - rdar://15145289

Since Vesper uses custom fonts for its UI, it’s a little jarring if something appears that doesn’t use the same font. There are just a few places where there is no system support for setting a custom font.

There Should be a Standard Way of Creating Sidebar Menus - rdar://15145462

I’m talking about the “basement” menus, often opened by a “hamburger” button. We have one of these in Vesper, and my previous app Glassboard had one too. As do tons of other apps.

At this point it’s become a standard. It solves a real problem. It would be good for iPhone users were there a standard way that these all behaved. (And it would make it easy for developers to match that standard behavior.)

UIScreenEdgePanGesture​Recognizer Isn’t Forgiving Enough and Isn’t Customizable - rdar://15145539

We get frequent bug reports that panning from the left edge of the screen is too fussy. Too easy to miss.

We’re using the standard, new-in-iOS-7 gesture recognizer for this. So I asked that it be made more forgiving or be made customizable.

(Of course, we might be able to work around it by using a regular UIPanGestureRecognizer, detecting a screen edge pan, and making it more forgiving than UIScreenEdgePanGestureRecognizer. But still, I believe we have evidence that UIScreenEdgePanGestureRecognizer should be more forgiving, so I reported it.)


My thanks to the folks behind Open Radar. It’s a fantastic resource.