inessential by Brent Simmons

Developer Blogs

Before there was Twitter, I used to say that if you want to be a developer, you need a blog.

I still say that.

Would you trade any of these blogs for their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts? I wouldn’t.

Gus Mueller
John Gruber
Dave Wiskus
Daniel Jalkut
Justin Williams
Manton Reece
Marco Arment
Mattt Thompson
Ole Begemann
David Owens
Kyle Sluder
David Smith
Craig Hockenberry
Dave Winer
Guy English
Michael Tsai
Nick Bradbury
Graham Lee
Keith Harrison
Mark Bernstein
Matt Drance
Mike Abdullah
Brett Terpstra
Wil Shipley
Casey Liss

My most sincere apologies to everybody who’s not on the above list who should be. This was made via a quick glance through my RSS reader, and I just stopped when the list felt big.

Notice that the domains are all custom. Some of these may be hosted on Tumblr or (I didn’t check and don’t know), but since they have their own domain name they can move their blogs.