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Need New Blog Engine

This blog is powered currently by a home-grown Ruby thing — which is super-fast and wonderful, but has the disadvantage of needing a computer. And I’m mobile these days.

(I’ve been working on syncing and mobile apps for years now, but I never actually needed that stuff for myself since I’m always at home in front of a Mac. Until now. Nowadays I actually leave the house. There are all these things happening in the world. I had no idea.)

I could take my current engine and put it on a server and make it work in that context. Probably a few evenings of work.

But I kinda don’t wanna.

I’m thinking that somebody else could write this thing for me. And someone probably has.

What should it be? Which system?

Requirements: can stand up to extremely busy days. (Think of Daring-Fireball-and-Hacker-News-links-at-the-same-time kind of traffic.)

I must be able to post from Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The ideal native app has a sharing extension so I can initiate a post from another app (Twitter client, Unread, etc.).

I have to be able to make it look like my current site, and I need to be able to preserve the URLs I have now. (So there must be a way to import existing pages.)

And I need to be able to host it myself.

Got recommendations? Find me on Twitter.

PS This blog has existed since 1999, and it’s always been powered by something that I wrote. (It’s on its third blog engine.) And I admit that part of my head is still stuck in the ’90s — real bloggers write their own thing. But I think it’s probably okay to let that thought go.