inessential by Brent Simmons

Resigning from Q Branch

When I decided to resign from Q Branch I made it clear to my partners that it wasn’t about our software or about them. I love Vesper and working on Vesper, and working with John and Dave has been great. We’re a fantastic team.

I decided to leave because I wasn’t working on the software that I’ve been obsessed with for more than a decade.

I turned 47 a little while ago, and I’ve had some reasons to reflect on the shortness of life, and I realized how very important it is for me to work on the software that I think about every day. I kept putting it off, but every day that I put it off hurt more than the previous day. I realized that I couldn’t continue — I have to do the work that I need to do.

That software is — most likely (plans can always change) — two new Mac apps, and they’re related to each other. They will be Ranchero Software products, which means the team is me and my wife Sheila. One app will be open source, the other commercial. (Again: most likely. Things can change.)

I’ll say more about them when the time comes. For now, though: if you’re a Vesper user, and you’re disappointed that I won’t still be working on it, please know that Vesper will continue in good hands — and I think you’ll appreciate the apps I’m working on now.

This was a tough decision, and I made it slowly and carefully and with not a little bit of soul-searching. But, having made it, I’m so happy now to be working on the apps I was born to write.

P.S. I didn’t mention Omni in the above. Just so it’s clear: I plan to remain at Omni until the day I retire. Working at Omni is rewarding by itself — great team, great apps, fun place — and it also allows me to work on my own apps without needing to make money from them. This gives me extraordinary creative freedom, and I’m going to use it.