inessential by Brent Simmons

Blogs by Women

For a thing I’m working on, I wanted a list of blogs that:

  • Are of interest to Mac/iOS developers, designers, and power users, and

  • Are written by women.

I made a list of some blogs I already knew about, and then I asked my friends for more, and they totally came through.

I decided to publish it rather than keep it to myself. You’ll find some good reading here.

In random order:

Ashley Nelson-Hornstein
Rachael Worthington
Katie Floyd
Janie Clayton
Liz Marley
Samantha Marshall
Natasha The Robot
Michele Titolo
Aleen Mean
Veronica Ray
Maxime Chevalier
Marcy Sutton
Tess Rinearson
Erica Sadun
Ellen Shapiro
Virginia Roberts
Sheree Pennah
Natasha Godwin
App Camp 4 Girls
Julia Ferraioli
Sally Shepard
Misty De Meo
Eryn Wells
Jenni Leder
Sasha Laundy
Meagan Waller
Linda Dong
Jaimee Newberry
Ellen Chisa
Nikki Lee
Susan Lin
Alli Dryer
Rebecca Miller-Webster
Brittany Tarvin Young
Melissa Elliott
Chris Martens
Lynn Fisher
Amber Case
Kate Heddleston

I’m sure there are plenty more. Send me links on Twitter if you have suggestions. (I can add to this post.)

Update 12:20 pm: More for the list via Twitter…

Ayaka Nonaka
Cate Huston
Natalie Podrazik
Kristina Thai
Corinne Krych

Update 1:10 pm: More via Twitter…

Barbara Shaurette
Christina Moulton
Julia Evans
Katie Zhu

Update 1:35 pm:

Gwynne Raskind

Update 4:10 pm:

Nadyne Richmond
Becky Hansmeyer
Dori Smith and Tom Negrino

Update a couple days later:

There is now an OPML file which you can import into your RSS reader.

Update a couple weeks later:

Virginia Roberts made a Twitter list you should subscribe to.