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Blogs by Women: the OPML File

In Blogs by Women I presented a list of blogs of interest to Mac and iOS developers, designers, and power users that are written by women.

Today I created an OPML file — you can import it into your RSS reader to add these as subscriptions.

If your reader can take a URL, copy this URL:

If your reader needs a file, then download this file and import it.

* * *

I was able to find feeds for all but three of the blogs on the list. That’s pretty good — but it ought to be 100%. Having a feed is hugely important if you want people to keep up with your blog.

* * *

Bonus link: Manton Reece on A diverse community through writing:

Blogging isn’t difficult, but it’s still not yet as easy as tweeting. By creating a blog, you’re making a statement that you care about something.

In the immortal words of Andy Gibb: you should be bloggin’.