inessential by Brent Simmons

July 2016

Sound Off Round 4: Live-Captioning Open Source & Feelings

From Sound Off:

Open Source & Feelings has a thorough and unambiguous code of conduct, one of the best diversity statements we’ve seen from a conference, and an about page with everything from venue accessibility, to public transit, to tips about keeping safe while traveling to and from the conference. Everything about Open Source & Feelings communicates thoughtfulness, deliberateness, and listening to feedback.

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Sound Off board member Ashley Nelson-Hornstein explains how live-captioning is useful for all physically-present attendees, not just for people you’d expect to need the help.

It’s also worth remembering that accessibility issues aren’t just something for a small percentage of the population.

Everybody has — or will have, if they live long enough — something they need help with. I have increasing trouble hearing, and live-captioning would certainly help me, and maybe you too.

Straight up: help make sure everyone can participate.

PS The conference will be here in Seattle, at Seattle Central College. I was on the college newspaper there, in moons past.