inessential by Brent Simmons

Free Reeder 3

The Mac Observer reports that Reeder 3 is free for Mac and iOS.

A tweet from @reederapp says:

Reeder is free until version 4 is released later this year as a paid upgrade. No subscription.

This is great news — go get it!

* * *

For one second I had that sinking feeling in my stomach about a competitor doing something that might hurt sales of my own app…

…but then I remembered that I’m not selling an RSS reader. I’m writing Evergreen, and making it free and open source, out of love, and because I want to ensure that RSS remains uncontrolled and widely used.

And people using Reeder absolutely fits with that goal. There should be multiple RSS readers, since that will help make sure more people find an app they like.

So, really — go get it! It’s a great app. And be sure to take a look at Reeder 4 when it comes out later this year.