inessential by Brent Simmons

NetNewsWire 5.0d1

If you’d like to run it, go to the NetNewsWire site and download the latest build.

Things to know:

  • A whole bunch of important features haven’t even been started yet
  • There are features not finished yet
  • There are bugs
  • It’s not even beta. Not even alpha!
  • It still has the Evergreen app icon

If you’re upgrading from Evergreen, you can either:

  • Start fresh, or
  • Rename the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Evergreen to ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire, or
  • If you already have a NetNewsWire folder there, copy the contents of the above-mentioned Evergreen folder into that NetNewsWire folder.

Note: I’ve started a Slack group, but I don’t have a public signup form for it yet. You can email me to ask for an invitation. Just let me know if I should use an email address other than the one you used to email me. (You can find my email address at the bottom of the NetNewsWire site.)

You don’t have to be on the Slack to help. You can always contact me by whatever means, and you can post to the Issues tracker on GitHub.