inessential by Brent Simmons

How To Add Your Feed to NetNewsWire

In NetNewsWire 5, you can add your feed of people you follow, so you can read their posts in NetNewsWire.

Here’s how:

Figure out the URL. It’s something like this, where my username is replaced with your username:

In NetNewsWire, hit cmd-N. (Or click the + button in the toolbar.) Put that URL in the URL field in the sheet that appears. Give it a name if you want, and choose a folder if you want. Then click the Add button.

That’s it!

Posting to

If you have the app on your Mac, you can select an article in NetNewsWire, then pull down the share menu in the toolbar, and choose

It will send that article to the app, where you can edit and comment before posting.

The same thing works for MarsEdit, so you can post to any blog.