inessential by Brent Simmons

Craig Hockenberry’s What to Expect From Marzipan should be required reading for iOS developers considering doing Mac versions.

I want to amplify a couple things.

If you’re writing a Mac app using Marzipan, you’re still writing a Mac app. You’re a Mac developer now! For real.

As a Mac developer, you should do what other Mac developers do: understand and respect the platform and get help from Mac users, power users, and fellow Mac developers.

I’ve always found that Mac users are rooting for our success. They want us to make great apps — and they reward us for it. It’s a smaller, more intimate community, and warmer than iOS world. But you can also blow it by not trying, by not respecting the Mac and Mac users.

And that’s the biggest investment here. It’s not the coding. It’s your own intellectual and emotional investment in the Mac itself.

If you decide you’re up for it, then great! And: thank you.