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NetNewsWire 5.0d17: Feature Complete

NetNewsWire isn’t in alpha just yet, but, with the addition of syncing with FeedBin, it is feature-complete.

Here are the change notes for this release.

Many thanks go to Maurice Parker, a major NetNewsWire contributor, for writing the syncing system.

This is a major milestone! I can see shipping from here. I’ve been working on this thing for years, and it feels great to be getting close.

Next steps

We’re testing and filing and fixing bugs. Brad Ellis is working on a new app icon.

We’ve just started working on the Help book, which will live online.

We haven’t thought that much about the product page yet, but we’ll have to make that a real marketing page while still retaining — hopefully enhancing! — the spirit of the app.

The iOS app is surprisingly far along. At some point, hopefully this summer, we’ll get that into TestFlight.

And, of course, after NetNewsWire 5.0 will come 5.0.1, 5.1, and so on. There are lots of things still to do. NetNewsWire 5.0 will be the foundation, not the end.

PS If you want to help test, write code or documentation, or just help us think things through, please consider joining the Slack group.