inessential by Brent Simmons

On Public Betas

Person on Slack: “Public betas are up”

Me: “Bummer”

We go through this every summer. Public betas are a moving target, and they have bugs — and people think that app developers can fix any issue immediately.

If you need to get your work done — or, heck, even if you just expect your AirPods to work — you should install public betas on devices and machines that are not your main machine.

Even if you get extremely lucky and everything works with one release, the next public beta could change all that.


Right now I don’t know of any bugs with NetNewsWire 5.0 alpha on the Mac public beta. But it’s so early, and I haven’t personally tested it.

The Omni Group just put up a blog post that recommends caution with public betas.

Our friends at Rogue Amoeba have tweeted about their apps not being compatible yet. (They’re working on it, of course.)

There’s a classic Merlin Mann tweet on the subject.