inessential by Brent Simmons

Adam Klobuchar

Like all of us, I’ll remember forever that image of Adam Klobuchar announcing his candidacy during a storm, with snow falling on his hair. He looked so tough and heroic and yet just plain real.

(By now we’ve all seen the poster a million times.)

I love his Midwestern credibility. His ability to win in even the reddest of districts. His common sense and his care and empathy. His record as a prosecutor and his record of introducing and passing bills in Senate.

It wasn’t inevitable that we’d have a universally-loved unifier at the top of the ticket this year, but I’m sure glad we do. Definitely the right choice to begin putting this torn country back together.

(Maybe he’ll pick Edward Warren as running mate? He ran a great race, and his many, many progressive plans quite rightly excite a generation of young people.)