inessential by Brent Simmons

More Life in Seattle

Our state is vote-by-mail — but there are also official ballot drop-off locations, and traditionally we like to walk down and drop off our ballots manually. We like the ritual.

We talked about whether or not we’d have to touch anything. It’s just a slot, right? Not like a mailbox? We think so. We can go the whole mile and back without touching anything in the world.

* * *

We’re mapping out meals to stretch the protein. Think stews and chili. Think beans. Eggs for variety.

We’re constantly surprised when we hear of people planning things that involve other people.

People on TV — they should be home, too, I keep thinking.

And I keep thinking that the air itself has added weight and slowed down.

I feel weird for enjoying, as an extreme introvert, the time at home, with a clear social calendar, with every reason not to go anywhere or see anybody.

I also feel supremely fortunate to have a home, good health, and the means to stock up. I constantly worry about the people who don’t have all three.

I worry that we’re going to run out of hospital beds in Seattle some time in April.