inessential by Brent Simmons

Two Weeks at Home

Monday is the 14th day my wife and I will spend in self-isolation. We’re getting groceries once a week, but anything optional is just not done, and everything else is optional.

We skipped the small dinner party we were invited to on the weekend. We haven’t been to a bar or a restaurant or even to a coffee shop. I’m not getting my hair cut tomorrow.

Even with this, we’re still washing our hands frequently and not touching our faces — because the mail still comes and a couple packages have come. Because groceries are things from outside our bubble.

We’re lucky — I know we’re lucky. Incredibly lucky. But, if you’re similarly lucky, I beg you to do this too.

Yes, the economic cost is terrible. But that doesn’t compare to the loss in lives that’s coming.

Maybe you really, really want to go do this one thing, and everyone’s careful, and you’re young and healthy and don’t know any old people. Don’t do it. Don’t.

This may go on for months. Fine. Staying home to save lives is really not hard.