inessential by Brent Simmons


Our lead iOS developer Maurice Parker found an app called Proxyman that looks pretty cool.

It’s like Wireshark or Charles, except that it‘s a Mac-assed Mac app (which I love).

Update a little later: a few people have asked me, “What’s a Mac-assed Mac app?”

Answer: it’s a phrase I stole from my friend Collin Donnell to describe Mac apps that are unapologetically Mac apps. They’re platform-specific and they’re not trying to wow us with all their custom not-Mac-like UI (which often isn’t very accessible).

I consider NetNewsWire to be a Mac-assed Mac app, and it’s a point of pride.

Slack, on the other hand, is most definitely not — though it’s not only Electron apps that miss the mark of Mac-assed-Mac-app-ness.