inessential by Brent Simmons

Looking for Work

Yesterday, along with about ten people (I’m not sure exactly), I was laid off from my job at the Omni Group, and now I’m looking for new work.

But first things first. You’re curious about Omni.

* * *

Omni’s been around for almost 30 years, and I hope it’s around for another 30. It’s one of the great Mac and iOS shops — they will sing songs about Omni, at maximum volume, in the great halls.

But businesses go up and down, and Omni’s had a bit of a down period. Normally that would be fine, but the current economic circumstances turn “a bit of a down period” into something more serious — and, in order to get things going the right way again, the company had to lay off some people. Including me.

This is, notably, the first time Omni has ever had to lay off people. And I bet that the company wouldn’t have had to this time, either — but, well, (gestures at everything) there’s all this.

It’s been my pleasure and my honor to be a part, for over five years, of the journey of this wonderful Mac and iOS app-making business.

While the company has some challenges ahead of it, I take heart in knowing it has been around for decades, and that it has calm, cool leadership and, especially, a great group of inspired people working hard to get back to the point where the company is thriving.

Omni deserves your love. I was just there, and I was just laid off — which is a hard thing — but I’m telling you it deserves your love.

* * *

Enough about Omni. Here’s me! I’m looking for work. I’m not sure if I prefer a full-time job or contracting positions — I think the actual work and the people matter more to me than how it’s structured.

If you read my blog, you know me: I ship great apps. I also design apps, write, host a podcast, do marketing, do community relations, project-manage things. Lots of skills right here. 🐣

If you might be interested and want to talk, email me at

* * *

The hard part of all this: normally everyone would get together for a happy hour for a few drops of encouragement and friendship. These rituals are nice, and they matter to me.

But — (gesturing again at this fallen world) — nope.