inessential by Brent Simmons

Day 36: Radioactive but Uninteresting

We haven’t been going anywhere. We’re getting our groceries and things delivered.

I’m going for jogs — but only after 8 pm, once it’s dark, once the sidewalks are clear enough. My neighborhood has a surprising amount of walkers. Normally I love that, but right now I just wish it would rain like hell and keep them all home.

Instead it’s sunny, so I wait till nighttime when everyone’s inside on their various devices.

All My Stuff in a Box

Today was the first time I went anywhere. It’s been more than a month since I was in a car or outside of my neighborhood — but I went to South Lake Union, to the Omni office, to go get my personal things.

I wore a mask that Sheila made me. Wore disposable gloves. Used a pen to touch the buttons in the elevator.

It was certainly weird to be in the office. Almost nobody there. The couple people who were there were nice, of course.

I packed everything I wanted to take home in a small box. A quilted wall hanging Sheila had made, a couple framed photos (Babe Ruth; Avalon, NJ), a laptop that I own, some mints.

I left behind the stuff of mine I didn’t want to bring home — bean bag chair, coat rack, small table, black fleece blanket.

A guitar, too. I left behind a guitar. Just a cheap acoustic guitar, but weirdly awesome for how little I paid for it. It’s free to the first person in the office to grab it.

I can’t remember when it was, now — last year, maybe — there was a meetup for The Automators podcast held in the Omni cafeteria. At some point that evening, James Dempsey sang a few songs while I accompanied him on that guitar.

Which means the guitar has some amount of public life lived, which is good for its soul. I did my part for it, and now it’s someone else’s turn.

Anyway… We took the box home. It’s in a closet, where it will sit quarantined for a week before I’ll touch it. Nothing urgent in there. Radioactive but uninteresting.

I changed all my clothes and washed my hands like crazy. Multiple times. Used the really hot water from that one faucet, which probably doesn’t matter.

Job Hunt

I’m weirdly busy — the job hunt is more than a full-time job. I’m treating it that way, anyway. I’ll be anxious about this until I get a job, and I don’t need more anxiety right now.

I’m keeping an open mind and talking to as many potential employers as I can. I’m leaning strongly toward a full-time job (rather than contracting). I just had one; I’d like another one.