inessential by Brent Simmons

New in NetNewsWire 6: Twitter Search Feeds

New in NetNewsWire 6 — currently in beta (Mac version, for now) — is the ability to add Twitter searches and read them as if they were any other kind of feed.

Here’s how:

Open Preferences > Extensions and add your Twitter account. Close the Preferences window.

Then, from the menubar, choose File > New Twitter Feed. In the window that appears, make the type Search, provide a search string, choose an account and folder, then click Add.

(Note: these work with iCloud and On My Mac accounts only. Some of the other syncing services support special Twitter feeds too, but you have to set them up via their website.)

What’s cool about this: you can watch for mentions of whatever you want, and those come to you in the same app where your other feeds live.

I have a search feed set up for mentions of NetNewsWire, as you’d imagine. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in my copy of NetNewsWire. 🐣