inessential by Brent Simmons

Rainier Diary

I’m chronicling the process of writing Rainier, a Mac app inspired by UserLand Frontier. It’s an integrated scripting system and database.

(Note that originally I was calling this new app Frontier, but changed the name to Rainier in August 2018. The name change is more honest about what the app actually is: it’s not actually compatible with Frontier.)

In chronological order:

Frontier Diary #1: VM Life

Frontier Diary #2: Two Good Ideas that Aren’t Good Anymore

Frontier Diary #3: Built-in Verbs Configuration

Frontier Diary #4: The QuickDraw Problem and Where It Led Me

Frontier Diary #5: Values and Progress on the Language

Frontier Diary #6: Ballard, from the Parallel Universe

Frontier Diary #7: Pretty Much Everything Throws

Frontier Diary #8: When Worlds Collide

Rainier Diary #9: The Renaming