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Swift Diary

In 2015 I ran a series of posts as I started working with Swift. (At this writing — 27 Aug. 2015 — the series is still in progress.)

Oldest at bottom:

Swift Diary #13: The Addiction

Swift Diary #12: The P Word

Swift Diary #11: Objective-Swift

Swift Diary #10: Changes to Properties

Swift Diary #9: Where I’m Stuck

Swift Diary #8: forwardInvocation

Swift Diary #7: Protocols, Arrays, and Casting

Swift Diary #6: Window Controller Initialization

Swift Diary #5: Yet More Uses for KVC

Swift Diary #4: KVC Again

Swift Diary #3: Arrays, Protocols, and Pointer Equality

Swift Diary #2: KVC

Swift Diary #1: Class or Struct from String

Secret Projects Diary #3: Decision to Make

Solving Problems I Don’t Have, Except that I Do Have Them

Secret Projects Diary #2: Swift 2.0 Protocols

The Liscio Approach to Variants in Swift

Swift question: Enum vs. Struct for Variants

Swift Protocols Question

Secret Projects Diary #1: Post-WWDC Notes