Apps I’ve Made

I’m one-third of Q Branch, along with Dave and John. I write Vesper.

The Past

These apps I created now live elsewhere:

NetNewsWire (2002) is now at Black Pixel.

MarsEdit (2004) is now at Red Sweater.

These apps I helped create now live elsewhere:

TapLynx (2009) is now at Push IO.

Glassboard (2011) is now at Second Gear.

Distant Past

I worked on UserLand Frontier 1996-2002.

Before that — 1995-1996 — I released software that worked with WebSTAR: SpotLight, DenyAgent, and something else (I can’t remember its name). SpotLight sold about 10 copies; DenyAgent and that something else sold zero copies. But they shipped. :)

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