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Fraser Speirs - Hiatus while my brain catches up

Fraser Speirs writes:

- Flickr has gone supernova.
- Everyone uses FlickrExport.
- People notice what you do and say.

This takes me back—I could have written something like this a couple years ago about RSS. It’s an interesting time when suddenly you find that you go places and people know who you are and tell you how much they like your software.

In fact—this was so cool—at the end of the Web 1.0 party last week I was talking to Fraser and another person, and the person was a big fan of FlickrExport and wanted to talk to Fraser. It’s probably unwarranted on my part—I’m sentimental, no doubt—but I found myself full of pride. So cool.

My advice to Fraser, and anyone in a position like Fraser’s, is to relax and enjoy it. You done good.